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Breadth of Business Exit Planning / Succession Planning Options – Real Client Examples

by David Shavzin

In my blog post on Exit Planning and Succession Planning Options, I discussed the many ways to exit your business. When exit planning, we tend to think of simply selling the business one day and receiving a check for the full amount. The reality is quite different. There are so many possibilities, many that may…

Ugh! No! Written Procedures? The Most Dreaded Driver of Business Value that You Need to Address

by David Shavzin

Written Procedures – Don’t leave money on the table in your exit planning and succession planning! If I recommend to a client that they document all of their procedures, I usually get a verbal, or nonverbal “Ugh!”, and get walked to the door. If I say I have a recommendation that will help them: Grow…

Business Process Improvement Grew Revenue by 70% – a Client Case Study

by David Shavzin

Business process improvement efforts grew revenue by 70%. This focus on people, process and communication not only increased revenue but it reduced expenses, improved profitability and brought in significant government contracts. A business process focus improved internal operations and greatly enhanced the customer experience, driving customer loyalty and customer retention. Client: Small distribution business that…