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Business Strategy in a Nonprofit? LEADING YOUR NONPROFIT – almost – LIKE A BUSINESS

by David Shavzin

LEADING YOUR NONPROFIT – almost – LIKE A BUSINESS When I discuss working on growth with a nonprofit organization, I inevitably get a response something like this: “It sounds good but that only works in a business. “We are a charity/agency/government department/professional association and we are not like a business.” While there are some fundamental…

Customer Retention – Are You Just Whisking it Past the Scanner?

by David Shavzin

Customer Retention – Are You Just Whisking It Past the Scanner? One More in Our Series on Key Drivers of Business Value: The Customer Experience and Your Business Processes.   Listening to and integrating your customers’ (changing) needs and wants must be part of growing your business value over time. I often discuss operational excellence,…

One Crazy Idea for Business Growth

by David Shavzin

Trying new ideas for business growth is always a good idea. Building business value requires getting out of that rut we get into as individuals and as companies. “We have always done it this way, so why change? It can be hard to get out from under the day-to-day fires and step back to THINK….