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Exit Planning and Business Value – What is Your Business Worth?

by David Shavzin

You will exit your business- you are not going to work forever. You may have a date in mind. However, you are not sure how to make it happen – how to retire and maintain your lifestyle. Do you have an exit strategy? You are asking yourself, “What is my business really worth?” “How do…

The Old Normal – Business Growth – Building Business Value

by David Shavzin

In good times or bad times, there are environmental, legislative, economic, political, social and technological changes going on all around you. Are you tired of hearing about the “New Normal”? I Googled “new normal” and found 134,000,000 hits. Yes, there are major shifts throughout the economy, including the financial infrastructure, tightening credit, healthcare changes, banking…

Managing Risk – Risk Management

by David Shavzin

Mitigating the inherent risk in all areas of company activity is a critical component of effectively managing your business. Risk is everywhere. I am talking about managing risk, not “risk management”. I make that distinction because when someone says “risk management,” we typically hear “insurance”. It’s boring, it’s expensive, nothing is going to happen…right? Wrong!…