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Ugh! No! Written Procedures? The Most Dreaded Driver of Business Value that You Need to Address

by David Shavzin

Written Procedures – Don’t leave money on the table in your exit planning and succession planning! If I recommend to a client that they document all of their procedures, I usually get a verbal, or nonverbal “Ugh!”, and get walked to the door. If I say I have a recommendation that will help them: Grow…

Exit / Succession Planning – Many Options for Business Exit Structure

by David Shavzin

Business Exit Structure is the fourth high-level step I discuss when speaking on succession / exit planning. My last three blogs covered the first three steps: Step 1: Exit Planning / Succession Planning is a TEAM SPORT; Step 2: Knowing Your Business Value; Step 3: Building Transferable Value. The fourth step, Business Exit Structure, comes in many flavors….

Exit / Succession Planning – TRANSFERABLE Value Drivers

by David Shavzin

A laser focus on key business TRANSFERABLE Value Drivers will maximize your exit. When I speak on exit and succession planning, I talk about four high-level steps. My last two blogs covered the first two steps: Step 1: Exit Planning / Succession Planning is a TEAM SPORT and Step 2: Knowing Your Business Value and Step…