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Exit Planning / Succession Planning – a Team Sport

by David Shavzin

Exit Planning or Succession Planning is a Team Sport. When I speak on exit planning / succession planning, I talk about four high-level steps. See also:  Step 2: Exit Planning / Succession Planning – Knowing Your Business Value, Step 3: Transferable Value Drivers – Exit / Succession Planning and Step 4: Business Exit Options.   Step 1:…

Customer Experience – Customer Journey. Driver of Business Value

by David Shavzin

Customer Experience – Customer Journey. One More in Our Series on Key Drivers of Business Value: The Customer Experience Customer service, delight the customer, customer relationship, customer satisfaction, customer cultivation, customer experience, customer engagement, customer journey. to-MAY-to, to-MAH-to. Like with anything, language evolves.   But the basics remain: Your customers and potential customers experience you,…

Business Growth Planning – Implementing Your Growth Vision

by David Shavzin

In a recent blog, we discussed a Growth Vision. Vision is critical, but goes nowhere without that business Growth Plan. Working toward revenue growth, exit planning or succession planning, this says it all: Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.   ~ Japanese proverb.   Planning is critical to success, it’s…