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Company Growth Vision – What Can Your Company Become?

by Guest Blogger, Tom Bixby

What is a Company Growth Vision? We often talk about business growth, exit planning and succession planning. That often starts with a vision of where we want to go, what we want to see happen. While we use the word “vision” quite a bit, we all have different ideas as to what that really means….

Business Process Improvement Grew Revenue by 70% – a Client Case Study

by David Shavzin

Business process improvement efforts grew revenue by 70%. This focus on people, process and communication not only increased revenue but it reduced expenses, improved profitability and brought in significant government contracts. A business process focus improved internal operations and greatly enhanced the customer experience, driving customer loyalty and customer retention. Client: Small distribution business that…

Succession Planning – Generation to Generation Transition – A Case Study

by David Shavzin

Positioning and Growth for Transition CDA, Inc. is a successful health insurance agency with four decades of focus on the health and well-being of their clients. The Challenge – Succession Planning – How to Transition Out of the Business Erica was not “running out the door”, but did recognize that over several years she would…