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Thoughtful, Profitable ISO 9001 ™

Leverage the Unrealized Benefits of Your ISO Investment

Does one of these fit your organization?

You are certified to ISO 9001. You were required or "encouraged" to get certified by your parent company or a big customer (a corporate entity or a government agency). You groaned and dragged your organization through the process of getting a quality system in place as quick as possible and then got certified. You are now doing the basics and seeing some improvements, but you can't point to a real Return on Investment from the expense of putting ISO in place.

You have been told you need to implement ISO 9001. You are dreading the thought of it. It's just a huge expense. You may have had a bad experience with ISO in the past. Or, maybe you have never heard of ISO before. You may feel it's unnecessary because you already focus on business process improvement.

You are certified to ISO 9001:2008. You know that the updates (ISO 9001:2015) will be here before you know it and you need to plan the updating of your current quality system.

You simply want to grow your business, build revenue, improve profitability, attract more customers, and retain your current customer base. You have been working at it, but it's just not coming together the way you had hoped. Adopting the elements of ISO, becoming "ISO-compliant", may be the answer.

If you are in any of these situations, Shavzin & Associates can help! With the right approach, you will see dramatic improvement and a true Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Growth in revenue and in profitability, as well as in the value of your business.
  • Improved customer retention – fewer repeated errors – fewer customer complaints.
  • Growth in your customer base.
  • Improved morale and employee retention
  • Fewer safety issues, reducing workers’ comp costs and potential fines.

ISO encourages you to look at your organization as a system. All of your departments, and therefore all of your team members, are interrelated. An effective ISO infrastructure will be especially beneficial in doing work with international companies, large corporations and government agencies.

We know it works: we have helped create ISO 9000 systems, assisted in “cleanup” and preparation as the surveillance audit approaches and managed an ongoing ISO quality system. We have seen the ROI - significant top-line revenue growth and new client acquisition directly related to ISO 9001.

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With focus, ISO 9001 can be Profitable!